Dust off that old bike, bring the whole family and ride the Townie for FREE!

Rediscover the joy of bicycling

Townie Ride


Curious to see what a group ride is all about?  Are you an avid rider and would like your family to share the joy of a ride together?  Tired of watching the racers have all the two-wheeled fun?  Whatever your reason, register for the all-ages Townie Ride and dust the cobwebs off those handlebars. This FREE 5.8 mile course is a fun way to get started and it just might re-awaken your inner-cyclist.

  • The free 5.8-mile ride will be held on Sunday, June 10
  • The entire family can enjoy the Townie Ride.
  • The start line is at 15th Street and Galveston Avenue and the ride begins at 2:15 p.m. 
  • There is one rest stop, about halfway at Phat Tire Bike Shop.
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver. The waiver can be found HERE and will also be available at the Townie registration tent near the start line.
  • On-site registration will be open on Sunday at Tulsa River Parks near 15th Street and Galveston.
  • Follow the Townie signs and don’t forget your helmets and water!

Course Map


What time does it start?

2:15 p.m. wheels roll. Please be in line NO LATER than 1:55 p.m. Start will be coordinated with a break in the Criterium racing so all you Townie riders get to parade right through the race course.

Plan for the time it will take you to get around closed streets, get parked, unload bikes and kids and helmets, make your way down to Riverside and 15th, crowds, etc.

Where is it?

Start/Finish line is at 15th and Galveston, on Riverside Drive. Check out the map on this page above.

How will I find my way?

All routes are marked on the street surface or with signs. We expect a good turnout for the Townie, so there should be plenty of riders around you. A police escort will be at the start of the ride. There will be ride officials on bicycles helping make sure everyone has a safe ride and stays on course.

How fast will we go?

This is not a race. You can go whatever pace suits you. Please remember that you'll be riding with many other people of all abilities and everyone has a right to go their own pace. Don't weave in and out of the other riders or cut people off. If you must pass, announce, "on your left" and go around them on the left. NEVER cross the centerline of the street. ALWAYS be respectful of other riders. 

What if I have a flat tire or other bike trouble? What if I can't finish?

We'll have SAG drivers along the route who will help you get your bike going again or will take you and your bike back to the start/finish area. We encourage you to take your time and ride within your own limits. The best way to complete a bicycle ride is to keep moving. Stopping and starting actually makes it harder to finish because you are continually warming up and cooling down. Most times you can keep going when it gets hard if you just slow down and keep a steady pace. If you simply can't go on, move yourself and your bike off the street. A SAG driver will be along shortly. Wave them over and they'll help you. We'll have first aid personnel at the start/finish area who can help with skinned knees and the like.

Is there a rest stop along the route?

Yes. It's located at Phat Tire, on 2nd Street between Elgin and Frankfort, about halfway through the ride. There will be light refreshments and a chance to stop and rest for a minute to get your legs back under you.

What if I'm late?

The Townie Ride starts promptly at 2:15 p.m. Please be in the Townie staging area ready to ride no later than 1:55. The Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Races will pause for the Townie Ride Start. Townie Riders will be escorted down the race course under the racers' finish line banner to begin your ride. If you arrive after the Townie start, you MUST RIDE ON THE RIVER TRAIL, OFF OF RIVERSIDE DRIVE, to Southwest Boulevard where you'll turn right and join the Townie Ride route.

Where's the start line?

It's just south of 15th and Galveston, on Riverside Drive, near the Townie registration table. All Townie riders will stage themselves facing north on Riverside behind the start banner with Tough Kids and their families in a group at the front.


There is ample parking all around the area between 15th and 18th, Boulder and Cheyenne. Park on the side streets or on some of the open parking lots.